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  • Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the development and sales on non-destructive testing equipment.
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    Customized Equipment


    we’re specializing in the production of professional X-ray NDT equipment, almost all of our current products such as Real-time Imaging Systems, Pipeline Crawlers, X-ray Units, etc., can be customized upon request, both hardware as well as software are all customizable according to specific user requirements, or the actual situation of the objects to the tested.

    We are also taking orders for the following systems:

    Industrial    CTDesktop    CTFlat    Panel CT
    Micro    Focus X-ray Inspection SystemSemiconductor    X-ray Inspection SystemAbnormal    Shape Work Piece X-ray Inspection System
    Accumulator    X-ray Inspection SystemLaser    Digital X-ray Inspection SystemBiological    Science X-ray Inspection System
    X-ray    Machine for AnimalSecurity    Screening SystemX-ray    Machine for Food
    X-ray    Irradiation SystemX-ray    Diffraction SystemX-ray    Crystal Analyzer
    X-ray    Crystal Orientation SystemX-ray    Foreign Body Detection SystemX-ray    Machines for Artefacts

      With our almost 30 years expertise in the production of professional NDT equipment for industry, experienced and talented multicultural R&D team, we can provide the products that are built especially for your requirements.