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  • Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd., committed to the development and sales on non-destructive testing equipment.
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    About Us
    About Us
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    Tel: 86-0415-4259286
    The Company

    Dandong Zhen Sheng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the border city of Dandong, which is next to North Korea just by an river. We are specialised in developing and selling non-destructive testing equipment and instruments. Over the years, our in-house R&D team have cooperated with research teams from overseas, developing highly integrated, automated non-destructive testing products, visual pipeline crawlers, wireless automated X-ray machines, and intelligent X-Ray inspection lines, with advanced technologies and industry leading design. We have a number of national patents and our company has passed and is fully in compliance with ISO 9001 and the European CE certification.


    Our goal is making the product that are more convenient and simple to use, more intelligent, lightweight, with new concepts such as wireless and touchscreen, and more features. Our products have been wildly used in non-destructive testing of aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, power, petroleum, chemical, pressure vessels and other industries. With military-grade products and highly recommended by the industry, our market share in both domestic and international markets have gone up steadily in the recent years.


    We take "customer first" as business philosophy, with professional technologies and high-quality services, we have gained the trust of customers and won a good reputation among domestic and overseas NDT counterparts and customers. We sincerely welcome any new and existing customers to visit our company to know us better.